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Sushi at Mama's hotel / Bratislava SK

NIGIRI SUSHI, HOSO MAKI, TEMAKI, FUTOMAKI, SASHIMI... Rice, Fish, Seaweed fish, Mushroom shitake, Wasab, Gari ginger...

We introduce you to Mama´s Sushi at boutique hotel in Bratislava. The Mama´s Hotel is a luxurious boutique hotel offering a creative combination of design, charm, and vitality in Slovakia.
This 4* boutique hotel is situated in the calm area of Old town Bratislava.Sushi bar or Sushi take a waySushi rolls filled with special vinegar rice, Sushi seaweed fish or another fill in tang served with Wasabi, Gari ginger and vegetable garnish. Raw fresh fishButter Fish Soup with soba noodles

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